Victoria – the Place for Bluefin Charters

Victoria has now become the Mecca of Bluefin Tuna fishing.

Without a doubt these prestigious and special fish are probably the biggest fishing adventure available in Victoria.

Over the past few seasons there has been many incidents of tuna being caught that are well over 150kg. These fish are found in the waters in Western Victoria and tend to be in good numbers from Apollo Bay through to the South Australian border.

Portland, however, has been a very consistent area and without doubt the most reliable place for tuna to turn up.

You have to go out to get them

As with all "game fishing" this tuna can usually be found a long way out to sea and often over the continental shelf this makes for long travel times and also provides opportunity to see and experience some amazing things in the ocean.

Most of the fishing is trolling, driving slowly towing an assortment of lures. This is how we hunt for them as we watch keenly for any sign of birds or fish splashing or diving on the surface.

This is definitely one of the most exciting forms of fishing - there are not many things that can compare to seeing tuna busting up on the surface and then towing lures around them, only to have one rod after the other get hit by these fish; and to see line scream of the reels faster than you ever dreamed possible.

It's certainly something that you will never forget!

Our accommodation options

We also have a fantastic accommodation option for those that require accommodation in Portland it accommodates up to eight and is set up fantastically with pool table, TV, stereo, BBQ, chest freezer and beds/bedding and breakfast is also supplied by our hosts in a very comfortable and spacious setting.

They also have ample parking for cars and boats and it overlooks Portland bay all this for around $35 per person based on a min of 4. So if any of this looks exciting then it’s time to get planning and lock a date in with us to do your trip.

The prime times to catch these fish are from Easter till early July so if any of the weekends or public holidays are of interest to you then contact us quickly as they will not last long!

Bluefin Tuna

Season: March-July

Duration: Up to 10 hours

Cost: To book the boat with a maximum of 5 people, the cost is: $1200 for the whole boat or individuals can be grouped together at $300 pp.

Depart from: Portland Harbour public boat ramp or Port Fairy public boat ramp