Whiting Report

King George Whiting are biting in large numbers in both Port Phillip Bay and Westernport Bay in Melbourne, Victoria. We are getting these in numbers of 30 - 100 per session, depending on the day and weather. But the big deal at the moment is some of these whiting are in the range of 40-55cm and up to around a kilo in weight. Whiting fishing is good fun for both the seasoned fisherman, beginner and the whole family.

We are running whiting charters Monday - Saturday launching from Stony Point in Westernport Bay and Sorento in Port Phillip Bay. See the Whiting Charters page for more information on pricing and booking.

Fishing Report 4th June 2014

Bluefin tuna still going very strong all along the West Coast with a few albacore tuna mixed in. The most exciting thing is the dolphin fish or mahi mahi are in incredible numbers. You can be very confident that anyone fishing for tuna would be a genuine chance of catching one of these amazing tropical fish that no one really can explain why they are in our  very cold southern ocean waters 

Calamari are at an all time high at the moment with most of our charters in the Mornington Peninsula area we have gotten our bag limits in record time. Our customers have been amazed at how easy it really is to catch calamari!

Dolphin fish are a serious reality at moment at Portland

Also garfish are starting to show up around Frankston and Mornington in great numbers