Gummy and Other Shark Charters

Melbourne Shark Fishing Charters

 A shark fishing charter is a "must do" experience.

There are many species of shark to be found in Bass Straight, Western Port bay, and Port Phillip Bay. The larger species we target are Mako Sharks, Bronze Whaler, Thresher and Seven Gill shark. We also target Gummy Shark, School Shark, Elephant shark and a few others that are common in these areas.

These trips run during the months of December through to May, while the water temperature is still warm.Sharks are still available to some degree during the cooler months also. Going on a shark charter is a must have experience. You'll feel your adrenalin pumping so hard that, we guarantee, you'll never forget it!

Western Port Bay Gummy Shark Fishing Charters, And Port Phillip Bay gummy Shark fishing charters, in the calm water of our bays. If it's awesome action you're after, And prefer the sheltered water of our bays, then come and try one of our Gummy Shark charters!

Gummy shark is well known for it's dirty, fighting ability, that even the smallest of gummys can provide the greatest of thrills. They are also regarded as an exceptional quality eating fish.

The gummy shark season is at it's peak from December through to May. Gummy sharks are however available at all times of the year

We operate our gummy charters out of Melbourne's Western Port, And the Port Phillip Bays departing from Stony Point , Hastings, Corinella, Rye or Sorrento. Although gummys may be caught on all tides and times, we have established our own favourite specific tides and times, for particular locations, which we believe to be most productive. Sometimes these times may not be your typical fishing hours, And have found night to be by far the most productive. However well worth the effort when rewarded with one or more of these beautiful sharks.

Fishing for Gummies will often provide an opportunity for you to catch other exciting fish and sharks, such as thresher sharks, seven gill sharks and snapper, just to name a few. As well as having to do battle quite often with some huge rays and other types of rays and sharks!

A good fighting gummy will rival some of the best game fish pound for pound often causing some kind of mayhem alongside the boat! These fish have some serious muscle! So come and have a go, whether on your own or with a group of friends, it's an experience not to be missed!

DURATION- 5-6 hours

Cost- $750 to book the boat

 *Mako sharks 10 hours Jan-May

Cost- $1400 to book the boat