Snapper Fishing Charters

Get a real catch with our snapper fishing charters in Port Phillip Bay

Snapper are without a doubt the most exciting fish to be found in Melbourne waters.

During the months of October, November and December, many anglers go a bit "snapper crazy"—and for good reason.

Snapper are a beautiful looking fish—exhilarating to catch and delicious to eat. We are very passionate about our fishing charters that are specifically designed to lure and catch this species, which is why we have spent many years fine-tuning the art of regularly reeling them in from Melbourne's Port Philip Bay.

Even though we have caught many thousands of these awesome fish we still get a big thrill everytime a rod buckles over and a good Red is battled to the boat.

Experience the real deal with our charters

Unreel Fishing Charters want to get you involved in this awesome experience. Snapper have peak feeding times, which can vary, depending on the time of season.

Our snapper fishing charters in Port Phillip Bay include tailored trips around these times, so as to maximise your chance of taking home a Big Red 

We head out three times a day:

•    Between 5am and 10am
•    Between 10am and 3pm
•    Between 3pm and 8pm

To ensure you don’t miss out on a quality catch, we recommend heading out on one of our morning or evening charters—these are generally the most productive time for snapper fishing charters in the Port Phillip Bay. However midday can also turn the action on for us at times as well.

Snapper season is an extremely popular time and charter dates get booked out very quickly (especially once reports of consistent captures begin to filter in). Looking at the pattern over the last 10 years, the fish usually start becoming very active somewhere between the middle of October, marking the start of the new season. November’s mind-blowing action begins with people filling up their bag limits, day after day; wait too long, though, and you’ll find you will miss out on the awesome action.

Get in early!

We recommend booking as early as possible to avoid the disappointment of missing out on the date you want and allowing yourself the possibility of booking a second Port Phillip Bay snapper charter before the season slows down (and trust us, you will want to book a second charter).

We pride ourselves in being one of the best fishing charters in Port Phillip Bay, and value our own ability at finding and catching snapper. All in all we are sure you will have an experience you will never forget.