Tuition Charters

They say that 10% of fishermen catch 90% of the fish and there may just be some truth to that! As a result of many, many years of fishing our local waters I have learned lots of little tricks that have helped me become extremely good at finding fish almost every time.  So if you're just getting into fishing or you've been been fishing for a lifetime and just want to improve your catch rate, I would love to help you!


  • specialise in teaching how to use/read sounders.
  • focus heavily on how to burley effectively to bring and keep the fish to you.
  • teach you how to use tides, baits, moon phases, anchoring techniques, rigging, barometer and much more.
  • give you some of the hottest and most reliable GPS marks that you will never find in any books or on the internet.

To top all this off I treat you as our friend and value an opportunity to fish alongside each other in the future sharing hot bites and helping each other to stay on the action where possible.

All these things will have you instantly catching great fish and plenty of them! 

Below are a few photos of snapper soundings that all resulted in some of the hottest snapper sessions.