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Catch a big red Snapper this spring/summer as they are a sensational fish to catch!
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Catch your own giant Gummy Shark or even a Mako Shark! If you have ever wanted to get one of these giants..... now is the time!
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Catching squid, whiting, flathead or pinkies! Anyone can have a go, novice, experienced especially the kids.  Guaranteed to have a lot of fun!
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SNAPPER ARE MELBOURNES MOST SOUGHT AFTER FISH SPECIES. Have a quick look at this snippet of last seasons action and see why we have the reputation of being one of the best snapper charters available in Melbourne!


Fishing Charters Melbourne - Port Phillip Bay Fishing Charters & Westernport Bay Fishing Charters

                                             APRIL REPORT; Whats biting now

Mako sharks, are going fantastic at the moment almost a guarauntee to get one! we have been averaging 2 per trip very worth while and the best fighting and best eating shark around. Our tuna and Mako trips are only $250 per person and are for 10-12 hrs

Bluefin tuna, are starting to get really good and consistant we are catching good numbers almost every trip average size has been around 15-30 kg We are doing weekday specials of only $1000 to book the boat for Tuna and Mako sharks

Snapper/Pinky Snapper, are starting to really school up and are going sensationally they are settled in now and will be available till september we have been getting our limit or close to! average size has been around .5 - 1kg

Calamari, our last 5 calamari trips over the last 2 weeks have all caught their legal limit in record timing with all on board catching their limit of 10 in plenty of time to go searching for some snapper!

King George Whiting, are getting harder to find in any numbers they are still around and can be found in dribs and drabs but I reccomend waiting for july to begin targetting them again




UNREEL FISHING CHARTERS are the one of the most successful fishing charters in Melbourne that operates in and around Port Phillip Bay and Westernport Bay. We are experts in targeting all of the most prestigious fish around Melbourne. Our charters include fishing for Port Phillip Bay Snapper (Big Red Snapper) and Westernport Gummy Shark, Portland Southern Bluefin Tuna, Mako shark King George Whiting and every other quality local table fish. Our results speak for themselves.  We invite you to view our photo gallery or join us on Facebook to see our daily updates on what we're catching.  We look forward to showing you how great the fishing really is right here in our backyard! 



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Unreel Fishing Charters is owned and operated by Skipper James Rogers, one of the most fanatical and passionate fishermen around.  James has devoted his entire life to learning how to consistently catch every fish species worth catching in Port Phillip Bay, Westernport Bay And all around Victoria.  After a lifetime of learning, James has made an amazing career of managing to consistently catch bag limits and trophy sizes of Melbourne's most prestigious fish for his clients, which include huge Port Phillip Bay Snapper (big red snapper) and monster Westernport Gummy Shark, And Portland's famous  Bluefin Tuna.  Over the last 35 years, James has spent countless hours fishing Melbourne's waterways landing countless solid fish.

We understand how our customers have high expectations of a great fishing experience and to us the most important thing is to make sure that happens. Whether that means bagging out [catching your bag limit] on table size snapper, whiting or calamari. Or catching the huge Shark/Snapper/Tuna that youve been dreaming of.  We will take you to where the fish are biting, At the times that they are hungry, This is what we do best, This is our passion, This is why our customers continue to come back with us time after time. Please view our gallery photos to gain an idea of the type of action we experience on a daily basis or feel free to join us on facebook to keep in touch with up to date reports.

So with your next Melbourne fishing charter, go with confidence that you're on the mark with the best opportunity of hooking your trophy fish or taking home a great feed of Melbourne's most delectable table fish.  Our Melbourne fishing charters will guarantee that every last effort will be made to maximise your chances of a successful fishing trip around Port Phillip Bay and Westernport Bay and throughout Victoria including Portland!



"Like" us on Facebook and see our daily reports and photos of what we are catching!  You will also see our competitions that we hold to win free/discounted charters throughout the year, as well as be notified of discounts and specials.



They say that 10% of fishermen catch 90% of the fish and there may just be some truth to that! As a result of many, many years of fishing our local waters I have learned lots of little tricks that have helped me become extremely good at finding the fish almost everytime.  So if you're just getting into fishing or you've been been fishing for a lifetime and just want to improve your catch rate, I would love to help you!

Here's how:

  • specialise in teaching how to use/read sounders 
  • focus heavily on how to burley effectively to bring and keep the fish to you
  • teach you how to use tides, baits, moon phases, anchoring techniques, rigging, barometer and much more.
  • give you some of the hottest and most reliable GPS marks that you will never find in any books or on the internet

To top all this off I treat you as our friend and value an opportunity to fish alongside each other in the future sharing hot bites and helping each other to stay on the action where possible.

All these things will have you instantly catching great fish and plenty of them! 



Gift Vouchers!

Gift vouchers are available and valid for up to 12 months!!  A great gift idea for someone you know who would love to get in on the fishing action.  Cost is $125 and you have free choice of any of our fishing charters.